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Awake your imaginative consciousness.
Expand your perception.
Reach the present moment.

In the relentless cacophony of today's world, emerges as a serene haven—a portal into a state of "Soft Fascination," as described by psychologists Rachel and Stephen Kaplan. Derived from the principles of Attention Restoration Therapy (A.R.T.), this platform offers more than mere visuals. It is an invitation, a beckoning into a meditative world that rejuvenates and heals the weary mind, paying homage to what remains timeless amidst our ephemeral existence. isn't just another channel—it's an experience, an invitation to rest, reflect, and dive within.

Accessible through
a screensaver, ROKU, FireTV, Apple TV, Android TV, iOS, Google apps, and a live stream, each frame and sound byte echoes the world's poetry, curated meticulously from corners far and wide. Going beyond mere content delivery, NOMAD crafts A.R.T. immersive environments, producing tailor-made video installations that resonate in public spaces.

Conceptualized in March 2020 by Montreal's visionary media artist, Jason Rodi, the platform is a testament to his passion for exploration, storytelling, and innovation. Jason's footprints are not just on urban streets but atop the world's highest peaks, through polar landscapes, and along untouched island shores. These experiences, coupled with his prowess in transmedia storytelling and his acclaimed work as Moment Factory, infuse with a distinctive touch.

The visuals aren't merely recordings but translations—depictions of an idealized world, where time stretches and bends, inviting viewers into prolonged moments of tranquility. With extended takes and a storytelling approach that's both poetic and impressionistic, crafts a universe that straddles the real and the imagined. Here, the emphasis isn't on binding viewers, but on liberating them, offering content that soothes, uplifts, and inspires without clamoring for constant attention.

“In a world incessantly clamoring for our attention, where every moment is fleeting and every experience is transient, stands as a beacon of tranquility, a homage to the timeless, a testament to the eternal. We're not just offering more content; we're painting an idealized canvas of our existence, presenting a window to what I perceive as Heaven on Earth. If reality truly mirrors our perceptions, then I am driven to share my overwhelming sense of  gratitude, casting my bliss back onto our world. This isn't just about opposing the contemporary culture of rapid consumption; it's about providing a sanctuary for the mind and soul. While everything else demands your attention, enhances your capacity to focus. Turn it on when you're not watching TV, let it be the backdrop to your life, and witness the transformative power of a vision that's changed my life, and I believe, can change yours.” 
- Jason Rodi, creator of NOMAD.

This is not Rodi’s first pioneering of the mediascape.

In 2001 he started streaming weekly “moments” years before YouTube or Vimeo existed. The site gathered videos from his contemporaries and soon became a company that would revolutionize how video, lighting, and decor can work together to transform environments, enhance performances, or tell a story. In 2008 he created NOMAD to explore further possibilities in story-telling, notably immersive theatre, transmedia, and live streaming. His dreams have led him atop the highest mountain on every continent, the North and South Poles, and sailing across the seven seas to the most remote island on the planet.  In 2017 Jason was awarded the Meritorious Service Cross of Canada for creating Moment Factory, named the world's most innovative live events company of 2022 by Fast Company.  NOMAD studios are off the tracks of the Montreal Mile End, streaming original videos daily on


Connect with Us
For deeper insights or to embark on a journey of partnership, reach out to Dive into a world where every frame is an embrace of the present, and every moment is an appreciation of NOW.

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