Awake your imaginative consciousness.
Expand your perception.
Reach the present moment.


We are NOMAD. Since the beginning of humanity we have been advancing at increasing speed and to every last corner of the Earth.  Now, for the first time, we are connected across the planet in real time.  We are omniscient, divine.  Let us evolve with intention toward harmony and bliss.  Change begins here.  It begins with slowing down and appreciating everything more, fully.

Hence, on our humble corner of the Internet, we stream a meditative flow of videos intended to open your senses and awareness a little more every day. Slow tv is a truly counter-cultural movement usually consisting of real-time, non-narrative experiences. But we are expanding the genre to promote slow living, and simply take time to contemplate our world and our existence within it.

“Our species has to content itself with having enough without surrendering to laziness. The way we do that is by being creative with everything we already have! This is the overarching concept behind NOMAD, and the purpose behind what we are presenting on our stream. Like life, this stream is live and its message is simple: ALL WE HAVE IS NOW.” says Jason Rodi, creator and co-director of NOMAD. 

About Jason Rodi

This is not Rodi’s first pioneering of the mediascape.

In 2001 he started streaming weekly “moments” years before YouTube or Vimeo existed. The site gathered videos from his VJ contemporaries and soon became a company that would revolutionize how video, lighting, and decor can work together to transform buildings, enhance performances, or tell a story. After selling his shares of Moment Factory he created NOMAD to explore further possibilities in story-telling, notably immersive theatre, and live streaming. As early as 2014 NOMAD was developing methods and technologies to stream non-stop with ease. This was a considerable creative challenge that soon led to the artistic slow TV approach we can see today on 

Hoping to expand its appeal, NOMAD is inviting filmmakers, artists, musicians and performers to consider this emerging genre as an opportunity to rediscover some of the lost footage lying at the bottom of their drives; those beauty shots that couldn’t find their place in the movie, or that long poetic moment that had to be cut short. It's time to set them free. Time to breath.

Please submit your ambient music or videos to
and thank you most sincerely for your participation and viewership.

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