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ANTENNAE, as captured on, offers a stream of consciousness embodied in a series of slow TV videos.
These visuals serve as the canvas,
the foundation upon which we animate scenes with our movements and dance with silhouettes.
This is more than a viewing experience; it's a participatory journey into the heart of  NOW.

Let these films on
your guide, your mirror, and your window
to a life
where every moment is a story waiting to be lived.

The Visual Symphony

Across the globe, antennas rise above us, silent and eloquent narrators of the skies.
Through the lens of Jason Rodi, these metal monoliths become characters in their own narrative,
set against the backdrop of the world's vast canvas.
A field of antennas over the rooftops of Rome unveiled an idea:
To the farthest reaches where signals are sent and received,
these images encapsulate a dialogue of unseen frequencies.


The Music of the Mind

Assembled by Rodi, our band of auditory alchemists breathes life into this dialogue.
The music is improvised, directly drawn from the visual language of ANTENNAE,
a sonic tapestry that animates the secret language between all things that Rodi captures on his travels.


Piki Chappell – Cello & Orchestration

Karina Marquez Caballero – Vocals

Dan Handelman – Acoustic Guitar
Quentin Noël Bourbeau - Piano
Carlos Aedo – Beats & Loops

John Juster – Saxophone
Jason Rodi - Movement

Greece ANTENNAE - Meteora

Greece ANTENNAE - Meteora

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One Door Opens Another One Closes

One Door Opens Another One Closes

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ANTENNAE Japan Trains

ANTENNAE Japan Trains

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ANTENNAE Japan Sakura

ANTENNAE Japan Sakura

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Japan Spring 01 - ANTENNAE

Japan Spring 01 - ANTENNAE

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Antenna Birds  AROKIN - Bologna Futurshow 1996 3000 Anni nel Futuro

Antenna Birds AROKIN - Bologna Futurshow 1996 3000 Anni nel Futuro

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Country Antenna - Skeuomorph - Dan Bodan

Country Antenna - Skeuomorph - Dan Bodan

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Winter Drone Antenna - There Are Many Different Kinds of Love - Chris Zabriskie

Winter Drone Antenna - There Are Many Different Kinds of Love - Chris Zabriskie

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ANTENNAE | HALLOWEEN 2023 - Fausto Errico 3hr DJ set

ANTENNAE | HALLOWEEN 2023 - Fausto Errico 3hr DJ set

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The Ritual of ANTENNAE

ANTENNAE is not just a screening, or a video installation;
it's a living narrative where the audience steps into the screen,
framing them in a moment of creation, that of their own myth.
This is the present moment, the live, the NOW.

The installation involves a mirror and a back projection, making you the audience and the player.
This interaction is the dance of ANTENNAE – a ballet of shadows and light.
What is within, shines without, as we witness the broadcast of our lives cast on the screen.
A literal manifestation of Plato's cave, we accept the world as shadows dancing with the light of God.

Dress Code : Sunglasses
ANTENNAE participants wear sunglasses.
They shield our eyes from the projections cast upon us,
and set the stage for a metamorphosis of perception.
As the experience deepens, your lenses evolve into windows to the 4th Dimension,
an augmented reality as profound and altering as that reached
through psychedelics or the most profound meditative trance.

This visual alteration paves the way for participants to perceive the world,
and their place within it, through a new lens.
It is a reminder that we all wear the masks of the characters we portray in the grand narrative of life,
a character we portray as we choose, from one moment to the next.
Echoing Shakespeare's immortal words, we acknowledge that life indeed is a stage,
and in the spirit of Rodi's modern interpretation, our own cinematic journey as well.

A Movie that Never Ends

As these moments are filmed and reprojected within the installation,
they spawn new videos, each a child of the preceding moment.
A feedback loop fed by the light of NOW.

Hence, Jason Rodi watches the movie manifest organically,
as musicians weave ambient soundscapes
and participants meld into the very fabric of the film.


These films, created for and at ANTENNAE, are echoes of the eternal present.
The music was recorded live inside the video installation at
And the silhouetted dances of creation were filmed during ANTENNAE rituals.


This is the essence of ANTENNAE and NOMAD – to live your myth,
as if every moment is a scene in your personal epic,
maintaining the hero's perspective eternally.
Never to let the movie end.
To cast your signal upon the universe,
and experience your place in the cosmos as a reflection of that universe.
That is the feedback loop, the resonance of NOW.  And your awareness, the presence of God.


We invite you to join us, and become ANTENNAE,
an immersive experience deep within and far beyond.

visit on to take part in the next ritual.
Join us and cast your signal into infinity.