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Galerie Blanka - Les Collectionneurs
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Blanka is more than a gallery; it's a cultural beacon nestled in the heart of Lac Brome in Quebec's scenic Eastern Townships. A treasure trove of curated objects, Blanka is a dynamic artistic space, and an events venue that breathes life into its community.  

Behind Blanka are two of my most cherished friends, Anita Bombita and Nils Fluck. Anita's brilliance as an artistic director in event production is undeniable. Her flair for blending sophistication with creative vision has led her to direct prominent events in Montreal and globally. Her extraordinary man of a husband built their home with his own hands, and now has done just as much with the gallery.  His selection of artists and objects in the store reflects his continued artistic evolution. With a rich tapestry of Swedish and English heritage and a life spent traversing the globe, Nils also shines as a special event DJ. A skilled carpenter with a knack for repurposing, Nils has masterfully transformed an old residence into a pristine, white canvas. The gallery proudly displays his creations made from recycled materials gathered during his travels, alongside striking black and white photography.

As Blanka's journey unfolds, I am privileged to utilize this space and its events as inspiration for my films. It's a delightful marriage of our artistic visions, with Blanka providing a canvas for my filmmaking. The video you see here celebrates Blanka's first-year anniversary, and it marks the beginning of many more collaborations to come.

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