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Good Sine

In capturing the essence of the characters before my lens, the atmosphere brimmed with the archetypes of myths. They materialized and conversed, their symbols resonating, weaving themselves into the complex dance of time — the cycles, entangling between past and present—as if in an eternal love affair. It hinted at themes of mortality, belonging, or perhaps the absence thereof, all while observed by Gods whose own relationships mirrored our earthly struggles. Within this cosmic dialogue, we find our existence, inextricably bound to one another, perpetually in the moment.

Hailing from Saskatchewan and now rooted in Montreal, Luke Loseth—known artistically as Holobody—creates ethereal soundscapes that are both expansive and intricately detailed, akin to eternal blossoms in a perpetual state of unfolding. Our creative partnership ignited with a VHS episode, where I crafted a triad of live music videos capturing his haunting melodies. Luke later engaged me to direct a music video and design album cover art, all of which were shot against the mystical backdrop of the Stanstead Stone Circle, a landmark in my hometown of Stanstead on the Vermont-Quebec border. The visual poetry film that emerged from these images, featured here on, stands as a testament to Luke's distinctive artistic voice—a voice he embodies with an almost otherworldly grace.

music and concept by Good Sine (Luke Loseth)
video and words by Jason Rodi
starring Alex Nawotka, Luke Loseth, Liane Decary-Chen & Colin Rothfels

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