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Kim has one of the biggest smiles you'll ever see.  Our first collaboration was a concert album he produced at NOMAD,  a show he played in the middle of the audience.  The videos were made by the audience, encouraging them to bring their cameras and roam anywhere they could to capture this special moment.  It remains one of the most impactful performances ever done at NOMAD.


It was therefore an honour to expand the collaboration by making two music videos for him, the first being Window to the Sky.  We'd shot most of the film when I first saw Peter Curzon's artwork on Kim's album and was astonished to see we'd captured a near identical aesthetic to accompany the music. This was a testament to the strong suggestive power and inspiration that springs from Kim's songs.


Our second video was Single Spark, which was also a video performance where a projection of Kim would be found running outside the concert hall, over people lined up, creating reactions from bystanders and people anxiously waiting to enter, who had seen the video.  These projections of Kim eventually come on inside the auditorium and eventually take flight, just like in the video.


 Its because of Kim’s free thinking, creative energy, and perfectionist attitude that we were able to make so much of this collaboration.

Kim Churchill - Window To The Sky | music video

Kim Churchill - Window To The Sky | music video