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New York city


New York City, metropolis of perpetual transformation, yet anchored in an unchanging essence. A city that, like many, I once called home, specifically during my formative years at NYU studying film. New York's streets, brimming with stories, feel familiar, like a well-worn path revisited.  The feeling of being amidst a living, breathing canvas of human experience. After 9/11, the city transformed in ways both palpable and subtle, yet something at its core remained steadfast, an enduring spirit that defies change.

Now, through the fresh and wonder-filled eyes of my daughters, I rediscover the city. New York unfolds anew, rich with possibilities and dreams yet to be woven. AliX, my youngest, contemplates following in my footsteps to NYU, her aspirations twined with literature and film, a prospect that fills me with an indescribable blend of nostalgia and anticipation.

This latest film, captured during the Chinese New Year celebrations, was serendipity in motion. Without expectation, we stumbled upon a spectacle of joy and tradition that begged to be chronicled. It's in these unscripted moments that I find the essence of being a NOMAD – immersing in the crowd, camera in hand, ready to capture the unfolding visual poetry.

This page is an homage to a city that continually reshapes itself and us within it. Each frame, a visual sonnet, is an invitation to witness New York through a lens that seeks beauty in the everyday, the mundane turned magical through the art of observation.

Ambiance Chinese New Year NYC 2024
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NY B&W birds
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NYC drive
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