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Tahiti & Moorea
French Polynesia

Tahiti Ambiance with music by ANTENNAE
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Moorea Ambiance with music by ANTENNAE
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In a world perched delicately on the edge, where each unfolding year feels like it could be the last, our pilgrimage to Tahiti was a profound affirmation of love. It was a love not just for each other but a universal love, an act of embracing the present amidst the swirling chaos of uncertainty. It was akin to the bold decision to bring a child into an uncertain world—our way of savouring the NOW, fully inhabiting each fleeting moment, and sending our signal across the boundless seas of existence.

Hence, The backdrop to this epic journey is set to the neo-psychedelic, atmospheric tunes of ANTENNAE, my band. One recent night, we let the music spring from us and resonate with the soul of Tahiti.

This is, then, your invitation to join us in a mesmerizing journey of water—from the celestial downpour over the mountains to the embracing arms of the se
a, encapsulating the spirit of Tahiti. Feel the gentle caress of the wind on the trees, dive into the ageless embrace of the ocean, and look up to find a sky brimming with love.

Our venture to French Polynesia was more than a mere journey; it was a rite of passage filled with love and eager anticipation. As Charlotte and I embarked on our babymoon, Tahiti transformed from a destination to a living testament of our shared path, a poetic tribute to the new life we were about to welcome.

Tahiti welcomed us with warmth and wonder, from the captivating dance of the black sands and blue waves to the storied winds weaving ancient tales. Moorea, a jewel just a ferry ride away, lured us with its enchanting underwater ballet. As we swam alongside turtles, every gentle wave became a melody, every fish a note in the grand symphony of the sea.

Through the lens of NOMAD, I offer you a fragment of our hearts, a beacon to light your way to new horizons.

🌺 Jason Rodi 🌺